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Antitrust and competition
Dispute resolution
Corporate law
Criminal proceedings
Antitrust and competition
Globalization of the market, changes in the external environment, and the variability of consumer demand lead to a constant aggravation of competition.

Under such circumstances, it is essential for each enterprise to properly assess the risks to choose effective methods of fair competition.

With a full understanding of tasks and challenges facing businesses, we assist in developing comprehensive solutions and strategies for the successful management of antitrust risks.

Our team has vast experience advising clients on obtaining the Antimonopoly Committee's permits for concentration and concerted actions, developing compliance programs, protecting against unfair competition, and participating in public procurement.

By applying the current practices from antitrust law, we offer solutions in support of fair competition, which will be essential for the sustainable development of Your business in the future.

Expert: Olha Honchar
Obtaining permits for concentration and concerted actions;
Advising on issues of competition law enforcement;
Public procurement (advising on issues of undertaking procurement, support for participation in public procurement, representation of the interests in challenging procurement procedures);
Compensation for damages incurred as a result of a violation of the legislation on protection of economic competition;
Unfair competition (protection of the interests in case of use of comparative advertising and misleading information);
Development of compliance programs, internal policies for the enforcement of competition legislation;
State aid to the participants of business entities (advising on state aid, representation of the interests in challenging the decisions of AMCU on the termination of illegal state aid and its return);
Criminal proceedings
We protect the interests of our clients in cases of misappropriation and embezzlement of assets, fraud, tax evasion, white-collar and economic crimes. Such a narrow specialization makes it possible to focus on crucial aspects of each case and provide quality assistance.

Owing to understanding modern business processes, we provide a quality evaluation of criminal risks and prevent claims from regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

We involve specialists from related practices to work on projects, and therefore we always provide comprehensive protection.

Experts: Roksolana Lukinchuk, Ivan Kostiuk
Conducting internal reviews and investigations;
Preparation for and participation in court sessions on the imposition of preventive measures;
Bringing partners and directors to trial for breach of legislation Bringing partners and directors to trial for breach of legislation;
Developing defense strategy at the stage of pre-trial investigation of criminal cases;
Assistance at the time of conducting investigative and procedural activities;
Representation of the interests on all stages of criminal proceedings;
Cooperation with Asset Recovery Management Agency (ARMA), the return of recovered and seized assets;
Preparing superiors and staff for investigative actions.
Along with the constant change in the economic environment, tax regime changes as well. The government's policy over increasing tax revenues raises new complex issues concerning tax planning, tax administration, and tax dispute resolution.

Tax efficiency, risks reduction, prevention of tax disputes and its successful resolution are some of the goals that can best be achieved if the team of tax practice area has vast expertise. We work effectively and efficiently with our clients to achieve such goals.

We understand the economic and legal intricacies of business and its taxation.

Cooperation with experts from other practice areas allows us to comprehensively address clients' taxation issues, as corporate law, dispute resolution in court, and protection of interests of our clients in criminal proceedings are taken into consideration.

Expert: Oleh Tarasiuk
Conducting tax planning of economic activities and implementing agreements;
Conducting preliminary audit before a tax audit;
Advising on tax planning for legal entities and physical persons;
Monitoring of tax audit;
Ensuring that the clients receive their tax ruling;
Representation of the interests of clients in tax dispute resolution.
Corporate law
We offer clients a full range of legal services regarding planning, forming, and supporting the activities of business entities.

Corporate law as a practice area encompasses counseling on corporate governance, preparation of internal administrative documents of the company, legal support of deeds linked to the acquisition of corporate rights, squeeze-out and sell-out procedures, transaction support in various industries and business sectors.

The firm specializes in resolving corporate conflicts and crises that take place with shareholders (participants) of business entities and top management of companies.

Experts: Serhii Vasylyshyn, Daria Kotova
Formation of corporate structure, tax planning, and legal audit, as well as preparation of internal administrative documents, including articles of association, and internal regulations, legal form of decisions by governance bodies;
Comprehensive support in the general meeting of participants/shareholders, the issue of securities, increase/decrease in the authorized share capital of a business entity, disclosure and registration on the stock exchange, squeeze-out, and sell-out procedures;
Protection of the rights of shareholders and investors, corporate dispute resolution;
Support for M&A projects and acquisition of corporate rights;
Resolving disputes over state registration of companies and corporate rights;
Settlement of crisis situations, protection against raider seizure;
Support in corporate restructuring and bankruptcy;
Dispute resolution
We are reasonable and motivated.

Should there be a valid alternative, we will never engage in pointless disputes or initiate a conflict.

Profound expertise accomplished by involving specialists from different practices allows us to provide our clients with solutions to resolving disputes, the resolution of which would seem impossible.

Experts:Serhii Vasylyshyn, Oleh Tarasiuk
Disputes with all state authorities concerning the declaration of decisions, actions, or inaction as unlawful;
Antitrust and competition disputes;
Disputes arising from corporate relations and during reorganization, liquidation, and M&A procedure;
Disputes in the area of tax law;
Real estate and construction disputes;
Disputes related to the public procurement procedure;
Securities litigation;
Disputes in the area of labour law and civil service.
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